Emergency Services in Asansol

Emergency Services in Asansol.Emergency services in Asansol city guarantees civic safety and crisis security to its residents.  The rescue services takes in hand different emergencies to rescue the public from any king of disasters - natural or un-natural.

One never knows when an emergency situation can arise in someone’s life. Life is unpredictable but people should all the time be geared up to handle any kind of urgent/unforeseen situations that may or may not occur. Asansol is well capable of tackling any kind of emergency situations with all the essential facilities accessible within the city.

A number of emergency provisions in the city of Asansol include hospital and health services, maternity helps, fire recovery services, ambulance facilities, police, blood banks, towing and earthmover facilities, event management amenities etc.

Some of the key emergency services in this city of West Bengal are discussed in detail here:

District Magistrate & Collector

Medical Emergency Services in Asansol

Medical Emergency Services in AsansolThere are an abundance of reputed hospitals and medical centres in Asansol, delivering excellent medical assistance to the public.

A quantity of the hospitals also runs a 24 hrs door to door ambulance services.

From dental to eye care, casualty to cancer treatments, maternity to kidney specialists, these health check counters offer all types of medicinal and remedial facilities.

Some of the well-known hospitals in Asansol are as follows:

  • Orodental Hospitals Pvt Ltd
    • Address: Burnpur Rd
      Court More, Asansol
      West Bengal 713304
    • Phone: 094 34 002661

  • ESI Hospital
    • Address: Sen Raliegh Road
      Kalyanpur, Asansol, West Bengal 713304
    • Phone: 0341 225 3601

  • HLG Memorial Hospital
    • Address: Sen Raliegh Rd
      Kanyapur, Asansol, West Bengal 713341

  • ECL Central Hospital,Kalla
    • Address: Domohani Rd
      C H Kalla, Kalla, West Bengal 713339

  • Nayan Eye Hospital (A unit of Nayan Eye Foundation)
    • Address: City Tower, Near Manoj Talkies
      GT Rd, Kumarpur, Asansol, West Bengal 713304
    • Phone: 0341 225 3395

  • Burnpur Hospital
    • Address: Rambandh,
      Asansol, West Bengal 713325

  • Desai Kidney Care Centre
    • Address: City Tower, Near Manoj Talkies
      GT Rd, Kumarpur, Asansol, West Bengal 713304
    • Phone: 0341 225 3395

  • Drishti Eye Hospital
    • Phone: +91-03413264775
    • Address: 68, Near St Vincent School S B Gorai Road
  • MAA Durga Nursing Home
    • Phone: +91-9434360127, +91-03412301375
    • Address: 26, N S Road Asansol H O, Asansol

  • The New Florence Nursing Home
    • Phone: +91-03412282983
    • Address: Near Hill View Park
      S B Gorai Road, Asansol H O

  • Asansol Metropolitan Nursing Home
    • Phone: +91-03412303288, +91-03416456023
    • Address: 26, K N Mukherjee Lane
      Asansol H O, Asansol

  • Kamalalaya Hospital (P) Ltd
    • Phone: +91-03412253153, +91-0341250011
    • Address: 194 G.T. Road Asansol H O, Asansol

  • Hill View Nursing Home
    • Phone: +91-03412203631
    • Address: S.B.Gorai Road
      Asansol Court, Asansol

  • Asansol West End Clinic & Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd
    • Phone: +91-03413299376, +91-0341251986
    • Address: Vidyasagar Sarani, Asansol

  • Bharat Ambulance Service (Ambulance Service Provider)
    • Phone: +91-9434678387
    • Address: Near P R Mukherjee Nursing Home
      Lower Chelidanga, Hill View, Asansol 713304,West Bengal

Air Ambulance Services in Asansol

Asansol is also a prominent provider of Air Ambulances. A number of reputed air ambulance providers from around the country also serve the city of Asansol indisputably.

Air Ambulance Services in Asansol

Some of these air ambulances of Asansol, which primarily operates in mighty cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, are as follows:

  • Heritage Aviation Pvt Ltd
  • Aeromed International Rescue Services Pvt Ltd
  • Air Rescuers
  • Sky Cruizers Pvt Ltd
  • Patliputra Aircharter
  • Vishal Cardiac & Air Ambulance Services
  • Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance
  • Human Care Cardiac and Air Ambulance Service

Blood Banks in Asansol

Asansol offers an ample of options for blood banking. These blood banks collect different groups of blood or plasma for transfusion, through the process of blood donation or collection. It stores blood and blood products to make possible of any emergency during surgery and medical treatment for many diseases.

Blood Banks in AsansolSome of the upright and reliable blood banks in Asansol are:

  • Burnpur Social Welfare Committee Voluntary Blood Donors
    • Phone: +91-9832194401

  • Asansole Dist. Hospital Blood Bank
    • Phone: (0341) 2214601

  • Burdwan Medical College & Hospital
    • Phone: (0341) 2559777

  • Durgapur SD Hospital BB
    • Phone: (0341) 2533951

  • Life Line Blood Bank
    • Phone: 0342 244 0590

  • Ujjiban Voluntary Blood Doner Soc
    • Phone: 0342 252 5060

Police Control Services in Asansol

Following are the law enforcement and police control services available in the city of Asansol:

ASANSOL- 713 304
PH. NO. : 0341- 2257962
FAX : 0341-2257260

Police Control Services in Asansol

  • Asansol-Durgapur Police Commissionerate
    • Phone: 0341 225 0347

  • Police Station Asansol
    • Phone: +91-03412302225

  • West Bengal Police Control Room
    • Phone: +91-03412253287

  • Asansol South Police Station
    • Phone: +91-03412202225

  • Women Police Station
    • Phone: +91-03412255646

  • West Bengal Police Sdpo
    • Phone: +91-03412252640

  • Asansol Circle Police Station
    • Phone: +91-03412254430

Fire Response Services in Asansol

Following are the fire brigade services available in the city of Asansol:

Fire Response Services in Asansol

  • Asansol Fire Station
    • Phone: 9434313567

  • Fire Service
    • Phone: (0341) 2319104

Electricity Supply Providers in Asansol

Contact the following agencies/providers for electricity supply and power related issues, in the city of Asansol:

Electricity Supply Providers in Asansol

  • Asansol Electric Supply Co.
    • Phone: +91-02653954968
    • Address: 33kvs/S, Kalyanpur Kanyapur, Asansol

  • Hirapur Elec. Supply
    • Phone: +91-0341 2220087
    • Address: Hirapur. Burnpur Asansol H O, Asansol

  • AE Electric Supply-II
    • Phone: +91-02653954968
    • Address: Chelidanga Bhabani Bhaban, Asansol

  • Jamuria JR.Electric Supply
    • Phone: +91-02916530492
    • Address: Wbseb .,Jamuria Asansol H O, Asansol

  • Barakar Elec.Supply Co
    • Phone: +91-03412520030
    • Address: Po: Bakaka Asansol H O, Asansol

  • Ukhra Group Electric Supply
    • Phone: +91-0341 266552
    • Address: P.o.ukhra Dt.burdwan, Asansol H O, Asansol

Towing Providers in Asansol

Contact the following providers for any two/four-wheeler towing services and other on road vehicle breakdown assistance in Asansol:

Towing Providers in Asansol

  • Premier Road Service Limited
    • Phone: +91-0341258352
    • Address: 47, Laxmi Apartment B 4
      G T Road East, Asansol H O
      Asansol 713301, West Bengal

  • Diamond Engineering Works
    • Phone: +91-0341 2445781
    • Address: Near Searsol More
      128 Mile, G T Road, Searsol Rajbari
      Raniganj 713358, West Bengal
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