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Entertainment in Asansol

Asansol is believed to be one of the most enjoyable places in the state of West Bengal. With good transportation and communication with the rest of the country, Asansol too attracts a number of tourists yearly. Asansol being in the environs of the famous River Damodar, people here can enjoy a very calm and serene atmosphere. Asansol presents to you all kinds of relaxation and amusement opportunities and greets you open handed, inviting you to get pleasure from life here. From tourist parks to religious spots, from beautiful dams to various restaurants and shopping centres, Asansol offers various leisure opportunities to its residents.

Discussed below are some of these options in details:

Tourist Parks in Asansol:

There are two significant tourist parks in the city of Asansol; namely:
  • Nehru Park
  • Shatabdi Park

Parks in Asansol
Source : Flickr

The Nehru Park is situated on the banks of Damodar River and Shatabdi Park is situated in the Grand Trunck Road. Both the parks are occupied with lush green surroundings and are quite well-maintained. Ideal for an evening outing with family and friends; these parks provide various amusement activities for its visitors, such as boating, children's play area and several thrilling amusement rides. Decent canteens and stalls are to be found easily around the parks for refreshment services to the tourists. Transportation from and to the city from these place are quite frequent and comfortable.

Cinema Halls and Movie Time in Asansol

Public come to movie halls not only to watch movies but also to relax from the busy schedule of life. People of Asansol differ in no way in such cases. Movie time is the most common way of relaxation in Asansol. People watch Hindi movies, English movies as well as local Bengali movies in the cinema halls of Asansol. Some of the notable movie halls in Asansol are discussed here:

Chitra Hall in Asansol
Source : Flickr

  • Eylex Multiplex
Address: 5th Floor, Galaxy Mall
Burnpur Rd, IISCO Steel Plant
Burnpur, Asansol, West Bengal
Pin Code: 713325

  • Manoj Cinema
Address: Munshi Bazar
Asansol, West Bengal
Pin Code: 713304

  • Chitra Cinema Hall
Address: Burnpur Road
Radha Nagar Asansol, West Bengal
Pin Code: 713325

Restaurants in Asansol:

There are a number of decent restaurants and eating outlets in Asansol region to hang-out with friends and families. These eateries are basically crowed with tourists and local youth.

Resturant in Asansol
Source : Flickr

Some of the popular food joints in Asansol are listed here:

  • KFC Restaurant
Address: Galaxy Mall, Ground Floor
Shop No 1, Opposite Chitra Cinema Hall
Burnpur Road, Asansol, Asansol - 713304

  • Cafe Coffee Day
Address: Galaxy Mall
Opposite Chitra Cinema Hall
Burnpur Road, Asansol, Asansol - 713304

  • Domino's
Address: Sentrum Mall, 107 and 111
Ground floor, Block B, Shristinagar
Asansol - 713301

  • Durga Foods
Address: 333/67, Near Shankar P Murgasol
G T Road, Ushagram, Asansol - 713303

  • Bay Leaf
Address: 40, G.T.Road, Lower Chelidanga
Opp.Shatabdi Park, Asansol

  • Hotel Durga
Address: 27, Near Burnpur More
West Apcar Garden, Asansol Court
Asansol - 713304

  • Cosmic Grill
Address: Near Radha Lane Petrol Pump
Bazar Kolkata, Asansol Bazar, Asansol
HO, Asansol - 713301

  • Come and Enjoy
Address: Burnpur Road, Asansol
  • Bombay Hotel Garam Masala
Address: Opposite Eastern Railway
Boys High School, G T Road, Asansol HO
Asansol - 713301

  • Biryani House
Address: A D D A Market Building
Opp. Bus Stand, G. T. Road, Asansol
Asansol - 713301

Popular Nightclubs and Bars in Asansol:

Along with its rich local culture, Asansol has also made the acquaintance of the other forms of entertainment options. Asansol is a home to a few decent nightclubs and bars.

Nightlife in Asansol

Some of which are listed below:

  • Aradhana
Address: G.t. Road, Asansol

  • Economic Bar
Address: Bastin Bazar Road, Asansol

  • Barrett Club
Address: Chelidanga Road, Asansol

  • CMPDI Club
Address: Vidyasagar Sarani
Cmpdi Colony, Asansol

  • Shanti Hotel Restaurant and Bar
Address: Railpar, Barua Bazar
Railpar, Asansol, West Bengal - 713302

  • Hotel Sormistha Residency
Address: Sen Raliegh Rd
Shristinagar, Asansol, West Bengal - 713341

Nearby Places of Entertainment in Asansol:

There are a few places worth visiting when in Asansol, which are located at a distance from the city. They are:

Santiniketan - Visva-Bharati

  • Churulia:
It is located at about 17 km from Asansol. It is famous as the birth place of the renowned poet - Kazi Nazrul Islam. Kazi Nazrul Islam is well chosen as the national poet of Bangladesh. This place restrains a museum with displaying his legendary works and a memorial in his name

  • Santiniketan - Visva-Bharati:
It is a central university founded by Rabindranath Tagore, which is located about 90 km from Asansol. This institution of national importance is surrounded by a natural green peaceful atmosphere, and definitely a must-visit spot when someone visits West Bengal.

  • Joychandi Pahar:
It is one popular picnic spot, which is situated at about 30 km from Asansol. This day-tripper location is considered as a centre for rock climbing training.

  • Joydeb-Kenduli:
Situated on the banks of the river Ajay, this is a temple devoted to the renowned Sanskrit poet Joydeb. This temple is aound 80 km away from the city of Asansol.

  • Bakreshwar:
Another temple worth-visiting in Asanasol, set up about 70 km from the city.

  • Bishnupur:
This place is well-known as the famous terracotta temple town of West Bengal. It is located about 100 km from Asansol.

  • Durgapur:
Located at about 50 km to the east of Asansol, this is a famous industrial and trade city of West Bengal and is home to the famous Durgapur Steel Plant.

Shopping in Asansol:

There are lots of popular places of shopping in Asansol. From shopping in huge malls to small retail shops, Asansol offers all options for its people.

Galaxy Mall in Asansol

Some of the decent shopping outlets located in the city are discussed below:

  • Galaxy Mall
Address: Burnpur Road, IISCO Steel Plant
Burnpur, Asansol, West Bengal
Phone number: 098 36 608822

  • Big Bazaar
Address: Burnpur Rd
IISCO Steel Plant, Burnpur
Asansol, West Bengal
Phone number: 092 22 221947

  • Sentrum Mall
Address: Lions Club Rd
Kanyapur, Asansol, West Bengal

  • Arghya Complex Plaza
Address: Burnpur Rd
Asansol Court Area, Asansol, West Bengal

  • Parbati Shopping Arcade Block C
Address: Munshi Bazar
Asansol, West Bengal

  • Rainbow Big Shop
Address: Pucca Bazar, Pathak Bari
Asansol, West Bengal

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